Thursday, March 29, 2007

Frankie's Sweater

Okay so here is the Most Handsome Boy I know Besides my Son .. hee hee .. But He has the sweater I made him for his 1st Birthday . Isn't he the cutest !!!! ..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Priscilla's Dress

My Niece's bday was on 3/24 and she loves pink so I searched High and Low for the perfect little Sundress for her and here it is and a picture of her in the dress , I think she likes it.

Nephew's Sweater

Now that I have finished the two girl sweaters , I am going to try my hand with my nephew's bought some cute baseball buttons for his sweater .. and I hope he gets good use of this sweater. I know my Sister really liked it.

Some Finished items ..

Okay so I finished the Cardigan for the yarn shop i go to .. plus i had to make another on just in case .. So I made Two of the same cardigans in about a week an Half .. Hopefully the Mommies that get these will like them .. they were nice and soft ..