Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Berry Hat from FiberTrends

I also knit for a yarn shop, "The Slipt Stitch" in El Segundo, Calif. and I have knitted several things as well as crocheted hat's and scarves. This one was a dosie, because i couldn't find anyone who knew how to do a "K5B stitch"(knit stitch 5 rows below) .. so I looked so hard on the internet for a good description of this stitch or maybe a video demo .. but nothing .. but i actually found a person who actually did the hat and also had trouble with the stitch but she figured it out .. my savior .. hee hee .. she was very nice and helpful .. thank you TANIA !! ... so here are my finished products ... I hope Patricia likes them from "The Slipt Stitch".

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